Eli Escobar

“For more than two decades, New York’s Eli Escobar has been working the dancefloors of many of the most prestigious nightclubs across the globe. His energetic brand of soulful house and disco music has been picked up by such labels as Nervous, Strictly Rhythm and Classic Music Company over the years.”

Off the record/ phonica

Yu Su

"With mixes that overflow with colourful melodies, musical landscapes that usher in dreamlike mind-states, and productions that mirror those aesthetics, over the last five years, Yu Su has been creating her own world."

DJ Mag

Honey Dijon

"From her collaborations with Kim Jones of Louis Vuitton to spinning her eclectic mix of house, disco, techno, and more at after-parties for designers like Riccardo Tisci, Dijon has managed to gracefully bridge the worlds of fashion and music without compromising her deep connection to underground culture."



La La's intricate knowledge of dance music history shines through in her sets, demonstrated by her off the cuff selections of classic and modern House music during her debut Boiler Room set in May 2019 - End clothing said "La La is living proof that hard work, passion, and unwavering belief will take you where you want to go"